Bingpot: How To Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 In Australia

Bingpot: How To Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 In Australia
Image: NBC

Toit. Noice. Bingpot. Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for its seventh season on February 7 and if you’re all caught up, you’ll want to know where to watch. We got you.

Season six spoilers below…

The seventh season will pick up where season six left us ” Captain Holt as a traffic cop and Peralta leading a manhunt after an assassination attempt. If you’re a long-time fan, it’ll feel a little familiar with Holt being a shell of his former self for a few seasons now and Peralta finding another season-long bad guy to capture.

But none of this is a bad thing because all we want from the show is punchy jokes, dumb cop fun and ridiculous storylines from the whole motley crew of characters. We’re pretty sure it’s going to deliver that.

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Where to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Australia

While seasons one to six are available on Netflix in Australia, SBS actually owns the first run rights in Australia so that’s where you’ll need to watch it. Unlike Netflix, SBS On Demand prefers to tease it out so you’ll be able to catch a new episode each week on Fridays starting from February 7.

As a little treat, two episodes will drop on the first day and you’ll have five weeks to watch them on the free service before they expire. The first two episodes, “Manhunter” and “Captain Kim”, are available now on SBS On Demand.