Baby Yoda Is The Most Preordered Funko Pop Of All Time

Baby Yoda Is The Most Preordered Funko Pop Of All Time

Ah, Funko Pops, the best collectibles money can buy if you’re really into beady eyes. As a style that better suits some characters than others, Funko’s house vibes are perfect for The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda, who already has big beady eyes and a pretty big head. Which might help explain why he’s gotten more preorders than any Funko. Ever.

As shared by the Hollywood Reporter, since the Baby Yoda Funko opened up for preorders in December, it has gotten the most of any Funko Pop ever put up for preorder. And it’s not even out until May.

Discussing the toy, Reis O’Brien, the art director for the collectible company, discussed what a wild process it’s been bringing Baby Yoda to the masses.

“It’s bananas,” O’Brien said. He added that, when the figure was designed, no one at Funko knew anything about Baby Yoda or The Mandalorian. Disney didn’t even let them watch an episode—the company just sent design specs.

“They’ve got to guard spoilers,” he said. “They’ve got to keep secrets. As far as story points go, we get nothing.”

That protectiveness is why Baby Yoda toys weren’t even available until after several episodes of The Mandalorian had aired. Gotta protect the brand, after all. Though that delay clearly didn’t harm sales.

We’ll see how Baby Yoda fares on actual sales when he hits the market. We’ll see how if he beats out the current best-selling Funko Pop, which is, apparently, Dancing Baby Groot. That checks out.