You Can Now Engrave Emoji On Your AirPods, Including The Poop

You Can Now Engrave Emoji On Your AirPods, Including The Poop

If you’ve ever wanted to engrave a poop emoji onto your AirPods case, you’re in luck. Along with text ” which has been available for its other products for a little while ” Apple will now let you personalise your AirPods with a range of emoji.

As MacRumors points out, the options are fairly limited, but fun nonetheless. You’ve got a few standard smileys, a heap of animals, some hand signs, the poop emoji, and more. You can see them all below.

You can’t choose to engrave both text and emoji, nor can you get multiple emoji, so you’ll only get a pick at one option. Whatever you choose, it’s free to add to your order, so why the hell not? Of those options, I’m going to have to assume that the ghost emoji denotes the best taste in music. I’m basing this on absolutely nothing.

If you’re keen to pick up some AirPods with engraving, simply go to the product page and click “Personalise it for free” on the left-hand side before adding the product to your bag. Customisation is available on the cases of all AirPods models.

There’s only one emoji I’d like to have engraved on my AirPods case and that’s the shakas hand. Make it happen, Apple.