The Tank Top Budget In Fast 9 Has Got To Be Incredible

The Tank Top Budget In Fast 9 Has Got To Be Incredible
Screenshot: MovieClips Trailers

“Fatherhood means you can’t live life a quarter mile at a time anymore,” and boy howdy is THAT true. I wish I came up with that, as it seems like I’m making fun of the trailer for the next Fast & Furious movie, seemingly titled The Fast Saga. But no, it’s just a line from Dom Toretto in the trailer for the trailer for the movie.

Dom and Letty are parents now! Things have changed! Their kid is named Brian, like Brian O’Connor, the on-again, off-again fed played by Paul Walker before his death in real life.

Dom is busy doing dad stuff, like getting Brian to hand him tools while he fixes a tractor, and Letty is doing mum stuff, like giving Brian a necklace to protect him instead of, I don’t know, going into witness protection.

I didn’t see the 7th nor 8th movie in the series, but I did regret sitting through all of Hobbs & Shaw. I will also be watching the full trailer when it debuts this Friday before deciding if I should catch up on these movies, or play “See You Again” as I say goodbye to this franchise forever.