Mike Flanagan Teases The Start Of His Next Project, Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan Teases The Start Of His Next Project, Midnight Mass

busy man. Lately, he’s been moving from major horror project to major horror project, bouncing from film to television fast enough to make your haunted head spin. And his pace doesn’t look to be slowing down at all, either.

Recently, Flanagan offered a quick update via Tweet on his projects, saying that he was nearly finished with The Haunting of Bly Manor and ready to move onto his next project, Midnight Mass.

Midnight Mass, a project first announced last year, is a limited Netflix series set on an isolated island after the arrival of a mysterious, charismatic priest. Presumably, scary things happen. Now we know that production on Midnight Mass is moving forward this year, which means we can likely expect it later this year or in 2021. (Weirdly, no relation to Vertigo’s Midnight, Mass. which also had a rumoured TV adaptation in the works some years ago.)

Flanagan also revealed that he’s been quietly teasing the mini-series, which, unlike most of his recent work, isn’t an adaptation of someone else’s spooky story. He’s been putting a book for it in his work since 2016’s Hush:

We don’t know a lot else about Midnight Mass, but prepare for the next couple of years to be just chock full of Flanagan horror.

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