If And When The Avatar Sequels Drop, They Will Show Us New Aspects Of Pandora

If And When The Avatar Sequels Drop, They Will Show Us New Aspects Of Pandora
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Avatar, a movie that made an inordinate amount of money while also failing to become part of the larger cultural zeitgeist in a meaningful way, is slated to be followed up with too many sequels that no one aside from James Cameron asked for. While the public might have lost all interest in the franchise, Disney (which now owns the rights to it all) is still hellbent on trying to turn it into…a Thing™.

Apropos of very little, Avatar’s official Twitter account posted a handful of images first debuted, bizarrely, at CES, that all look like concept art for the incoming movies. While the images don’t at all look like anything we’d ever see on screen associated with the new projects—or what we saw of Pandora in the original Avatar—they all demonstrate that if and when these movies come out, they’re going to spend a significant amount of time exploring aspects of the moon that we haven’t seen yet.

Or perhaps even other moons? Pandora was one of five, so it’s possible these could be either other biomes on Pandora or one of those other worlds, but it remains to be seen.

That said, they all do sort of match up with the general vibes of Pandora’s environs in the first film, just with more water. It’s…interesting (though not really surprising) to see that Pandora has beaches. Like us, the Na’vi have a space to luxuriate and bask in the sun! That’s something that might make them more endearing to us if/when Avatar’s back in theatres on December 18, 2021 in the U.S. The film is currently undated in Australia.