How To Sneak Art Into A Gallery

How To Sneak Art Into A Gallery

There’s plenty of heist films about stealing art and other valuable goods. But what about sneaking stuff into a gallery?

TikTok user @marcelsalapa has created a pretty god damn funny video that details how some mates snuck a painting into the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Set to the iconic James Bond theme and featuring some of the film’s signature scene wipes, it gives viewers a step-by-step rundown of how they managed to get the painting in and mount it on a gallery wall.

This includes hiding the canvas underneath clothing, loitering in stairwells and dodging security guards.

The only thing that’s missing is a bunch of characters saying “you son of a bitch” to old criminal contacts they haven’t seen in awhile.


How my buddy snuck his art in LACMA #art #streetart #xyzcba #foryou

♬ original sound – marcelsalapa

If the above embed doesn’t work, you can check the video out right here.

It’s worth noting that TikTok has a lot of problems – from security flaws to censorship. But when it comes to comedic content creation, and how some users are even using it for social justice, it’s definitely the complaining adults who are out of touch.