Here’s How Every Tesla Performs In A Drag Race Against Each Other

Here’s How Every Tesla Performs In A Drag Race Against Each Other
Screenshot: AutoTrader

We’ve seen just about every Tesla take on all sorts of cars, from other electric vehicles like the Porsche Taycan, to the best combustion engines have to offer with stuff like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. But just how tight in performance is the entire range of Teslas against each other?

Remember Rory Reid, former host of Top Gear? Reid teamed up with some other dudes and AutoTrader to pit four of Tesla’s best against themselves to see which combination of wheelbase, weight, motors, batteries, and software makes for the fastest formula to the quarter-mile:

The cars tested included what I think is just a standard Tesla Model 3 (in red), and what I know is a Tesla Model 3 Performance (in white), Tesla Model X Long Range, and Tesla Model S Performance.

Without watching the video, I’d probably say the order of fastest to slowest would probably be the Model S Performance, then the Model 3 Performance, then the Model X Long Range, and then, of course, the possibly-standard Model 3, which honestly didn’t stand a chance.

And after watching the video, well, that’s exactly what happened. I guess it isn’t too surprising, but it’s good to know just how slow the Model X is among the range. It really makes you wonder why you wouldn’t just get the S.