Forget The Baby Yoda, It’s The Werner Herzog Funko Pop I Want

Forget The Baby Yoda, It’s The Werner Herzog Funko Pop I Want

I would like to see the baby the Funko Pop.

Last year, Triple Force Friday already gave us a little morsel of Mandalorian-themed bobbleheads in Funko’s all-out-merchandisification of the Galaxy far, far away. But given that The Mandalorian had yet to reveal all of its secrets at that point, there was only so much the company could slap beady black eyes and an oversized head on. Baby Yoda would, sadly, have to wait. But now, we know he’s being joined by a lot of friends.

Funko has rung in the new year—and the conclusion of The Mandalorian’s first season—with the reveal of the next wave of Mandalorian Pop Vinyls, and boy howdy are they going all out.

You want Mandos? You got Mandos, in the form of the kickass Armorer herself, everyone’s favourite Big Boi With a Big Blaster, the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, and even the “Covert Mandalorian.” GameStop will have an exclusive Death Watch Mandalorian, inspired by the show’s flashbacks to the Clone Wars. You want the Mando? He’s available in his Beskar armour—with a shiny variant exclusive to Amazon—firing his flamethrower (in a Target exclusive), bundled with IG-11 (at Barnes & Noble), and hell, even riding a Blurrg!

For those in the not-Mando market, you’re also satiated. Carl Weathers gets his like, fourth Funko Pop in the form of Greef Carga. The offworld Jawa, sadly sans egg to covet, joins him. Richard Ayoade’s bounty hunting droid Q9-Zero gets his own Pop (presumably for Funko Mando to, err, pop, should he get near Baby Yoda). Walgreens will have its own exclusive, in the form of a Trandoshan hunter. There’s even a very cool Incinerator Stormtrooper from the season finale, blasting a streak of flame.

But forget all of them. Because nothing—nothing—can compare to the absurd brilliance of living in the reality where Funko Pop Werner Herzog is a Thing that Now Exists.

OK, so he’s referred to, as he is on The Mandalorian, as “The Client.” But that’s not his name, and the show never gives him one, so…I’m just gonna keep calling him Werner Herzog, anyway. That’s a good enough Star Wars name in the first place, frankly. And now he’s a Funko Pop. God, who will interview Werner Herzog and ask him about the Funko Pop? I have to know what he thinks about it.

You can own a Werner Herzpop of your own in the near future—Funko would only cryptically tease that its new Mandalorian figures would be “coming soon.”