Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Has A Twitch Channel Now

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Has A Twitch Channel Now
Image: ABC

Now this is the kind of wholesome content that Twitch was designed for.

One of Twitch’s greatest advantages is the ability to just sit down and have a chat with your fans. And someone who’s made a career out of having lots of chats with, well, the world, is Karl Kruszelnicki AM, otherwise known to Australians as “Dr Karl”.

The Julius Sumner Miller Fellow recipient and world-renowned science commentator, whose stock in trade is making science understandable to people from all walks of life and all levels of knowledge, announced on Monday afternoon that he’d start playing around with Twitch for fun.

He hasn’t kicked off his first official Q&A through Twitch yet, but you can follow proceedings through his Twitch channel below. Dr Karl is the kind of personality that Twitch’s Just Chatting or IRL channel – which is now the largest channel on the platform – was designed for.