David Ramsey Teases Some Fan-Favourite Diggle Theories For Arrow’s Series Finale

David Ramsey Teases Some Fan-Favourite Diggle Theories For Arrow’s Series Finale

Jim Carrey says he’d be open to a new Mask film, depending on who got attached. Blurry new art teases Richard Madden’s Eternals look. Meet Mulan’s villains in some new character posters. Plus, what’s to come on Batwoman and Supergirl, and a new clip from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Spoilers get!

The Mask

During a recent interview with Comic Book, Jim Carrey stated he’d conceivably star in a sequel to The Mask if “some crazy visionary filmmaker” were interested in directing one.

I don’t think in terms of sequels and stuff like that, I mean, this one [Sonic The Hedgehog] is kind of right for it because we have not evolved the character [Dr. Eggman] fully yet. The Mask I think, myself, you know, it would depend on a filmmaker. It depends on a filmmaker really. I don’t want to do it just to do it. But I would only do it if it was some crazy visionary filmmaker. Sure.

The Eternals

Alleged promotional artwork of Richard Madden in full costume as Ikaris has surfaced.


Meanwhile, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kit Harrington, and Lia McHugh appear to flag down a space ship in new set photos from The Eternals.

The New Mutants

The New Mutants is still on track for an April release date according to the latest poster.


Collider has Disney’s new gallery of character posters from the live-action Mulan. Head over there to see the rest.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog blames all his troubles on James Marsden in the latest clip.

Wiz Khalifa has also released a music video for “Speed Me Up,” the first single from the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack.


In a recent interview with TV Line, David Ramsey confirmed tomorrow night’s Arrow finale will “get [you]” answers over the long-running theories that Diggle could become the Arrowverse’s Green Lantern.

Without a doubt. You are absolutely going to get your answers. And well-deserved answers. We’ve been talking about this for years, and I think everyone by series’ end will be very happy.

Cassian Andor

According to Variety, the Rogue One spinoff series starring Cassian Andor will premiere on Disney+ in 2021.


Though details are sparse, Skydance Television is developing a live-action adaptation of the visual novel/manga/anime series Steins;Gate, about a device able to text messages through time.

The Magicians

Spoiler TV has a cryptic synopsis for The Magicians’ February 13 time loop episode, “Oops!…I Did It Again.”

Margo and Eliot have a bad day. Eliot has a bad day.


Gotham isn’t big enough for two Beths in the trailer for “Take Your Choice,” next week’s episode of Batwoman.


Better still, Kara sings Toto’s Africa in the trailer for next week’s episode of Supergirl.

Doctor Who

Finally, the Doctor investigates two synchronous deaths on different continents in both the BBC and BBC America trailers for next week’s episode, “Praxeus.”

Banner art by Jim Cooke.