This Is Why You Don’t Let Friends Borrow Your Lambo

This Is Why You Don’t Let Friends Borrow Your Lambo

Somebody (allegedly) borrowed and (definitely) wrecked a red Lamborghini Huracán on the famously fast Angeles Crest Highway last night. The car was discovered early Wednesday morning, abandoned, resting on its roof.

The Lambo looks thoroughly mangled in a video clip posted by NBC Los Angeles, but apparently the car’s last occupants were nowhere to be found.

Other than the fact that cops are still looking for the people responsible as of about 7 a.m. pacific, NBC’s report pretty much just says: “It was unclear why the sports car was left on the road. Investigators were told the car was borrowed by a friend of the person who reported the crash.”

Sounds exactly as shady as the second half of a story that starts with “crashed and ditched supercar” would go.

I drive this road all the time, and to be honest, I’m surprised the sides of the mountains up there aren’t littered with the corpses of high-horsepower cars every day. Whoever crashed this one certainly screwed up, but I still hope they’ll be OK.

Drive safe out their, friends.

Hat tip to JBH!