The Creator Of Adventure Time Has A New Netflix Show That Puts A Real Podcast In Space

He’s “uploading to space.” (Image: Netflix, Twitter)

Shows like Homecoming and Limetown have proven that it’s a good time for adapting podcasts on television. But this latest one is trying something different: It’s using the actual podcast. Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward is teaming up with podcaster Duncan Trussell for a new Netflix series, The Midnight Gospel, which uses Trussell’s podcast to tell a story of an interstellar traveller chronicling people’s lives in a dying universe.

Netflix announced on Twitter that Ward and Trussell are developing an adult animated comedy called The Midnight Gospel. As reported by Deadline, it’s about a podcaster named Clancy with a “malfunctioning multiverse simulator” who travels to dying worlds to interview the people who live there. The series will use actual interviews from Trussell’s podcast, Duncan Trussell Family Hour, which is described as a “weekly salon-style supershow where comedian Duncan Trussell and guests explore the outer reaches of the multiverse.”

This isn’t the only animated show Ward has on his plate right now. Ward is also working on a Catbug series, based on the character from Bravest Warriors, and Adventure Time has been revived for a four-part miniseries on HBO Max (though it’s unclear how involved he is in that production). No expected release date for The Midnight Gospel has been announced.

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