Sydney Smoke Is Triggering Indoor Alarms

Sydney Smoke Is Triggering Indoor Alarms
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As over 80 fires continue to blaze across the state, perhaps the worst blanket of smoke in the past few weeks has descended upon Sydney.

The haze is even drifting indoors (as we can attest in our office alone) and has gotten so bad that indoor smoke alarms are being triggered.

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The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment recently told Gizmodo that the poor air quality being experienced across the state is the longest and most widespread in history. As fires continues to rage and the thick blanket of smoke remains, experts have predicted that this could last throughout the summer. It can't be ignored, so we have pulled together some of the best apps so you can keep a digital eye on the fires, smoke and the air quality near you.

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There are multiple reports on social media that offices across the city are being evacuated due to smoke alarms being triggered by smoke filtering indoors. This has included the University of Sydney.

It has also impacted Wynyard station in the city, and rather ironically, the RFS headquarters in Sydney’s west.

Transport NSW has also warned that Opal gates may be impacted if fire alarms go off within a station.

The impact of the smoke has also shut down Sydney ferries due to lack of visibility and fine particle readings have had reached ‘hazardous’ across Sydney and parts of the Illawarra, Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment has also stated that visibility across some areas of Sydney’s north and west regions are 10 tens above the regular ‘hazardous’ rating.

Experts have predicted that the bush fires and smoke could last throughout the summer due to unprecedented heat and dryness.