Some Unit Won The NBN Lottery, Smashes 26.8 TB In A Month

Some Unit Won The NBN Lottery, Smashes 26.8 TB In A Month
Image: South Park (Netflix)

Think you slam the downloads? You’ll want to take a seat then, with NBN Co revealing the true mad lad of our half-baked, buggered national internet.

Itnews reported earlier this week how NBN Co revealed that the biggest user on their network “consumed 26,807 GB” in June this year. The figures were part of a release to media on overall consumption on the network, something NBN Co has reportedly only done once before.

26,807 GB, for reference, is 26.8 terabytes. For a little more comparison, here’s what that looks like in real world terms:

  • Downloading the latest Modern Warfare at least 184 times;
  • Redownloading Fortnite on PC 382 times;
  • Downloading Final Fantasy XV and the 4K asset packs 177 times over;
  • Downloading a copy of almost every single song on Spotify to your hard drive;

(There’s 50 million-plus songs on Spotify, but the length of them varies wildly, so you might have to cap out at 40 million or so.)

NBN Co told iTnews that the user was on a residential connection, not a business line, but it’s pretty clear that you’d only rack up that amount of terabytes by downloading every single second of the day. Or most seconds of the day, depending on how reliable this person’s NBN connection is.

As a fun aside, if this person was on a 100/40 connection, the theoretical maximum of what they could download would be around 32.4 terabytes, and if their download capped out at 90 Mbps the theoretical speeds would be somewhere between 29-30 terabytes. There’s obviously other factors involved though, like the connection to the servers you’re downloading from.

But still … I wonder what that person’s power bill is like, just downloading all the time. What even would you be downloading? Everything imaginable, I guess? I’ve reached out to NBN Co to ask if they have a list of the top 10 downloaders on the network, and if they get back to me I’ll definitely let you know.