Oppo Reveals Its Prototype Smartphone Of The Not-So-Distant Future

Oppo Reveals Its Prototype Smartphone Of The Not-So-Distant Future

Oppo’s prototype device is packed full of features that make it seem like the smartphone of the future, like its under-display selfie camera.

The phone was revealed at Oppo’s Innovation Day and showcased some of the new and upcoming features the company has been working on that made for a near-future-looking handset with no bezel, buttons, selfie camera, or ports.

The prototype has done away with buttons – with the exception of the power button – by using a touch-sensitive area to control the volume, with it going up or down depending which way you drag your finger. It’s also completely portless, which means no headphone jack or wired charging. To remedy the latter, the phone has wireless charging with speeds of up to 30W.

The under-display selfie camera, which was debuted this winter (with similar tech appearing from Xiaomi) is still being refined, but in its current iteration, it sits under an OLED screen with larger pixels over the camera to allow for more light to pass through.

It’s almost invisible when the screen is dark, but isn’t quite do innocuous when it isn’t. Oppo is aiming for it to be completely invisible, and has stressed that it’s not there yet, and so won’t be making its way to the market proper just yet. An under-display camera does free up a load of screen real-estate allowing for a total lack of bezel.

Oppo has not intention of launching the prototype as a fully-fledged phone, but it’s a glimpse at what’s in store in the near future. [TechRadar]

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