More Galaxy S11 Leaks Appear To Settle The Samsung Flagship’s Most Debated Feature

More Galaxy S11 Leaks Appear To Settle The Samsung Flagship’s Most Debated Feature

Are you tired of all these Galaxy S11 rumours yet? Well too damn bad. Because it looks like we’re rounding out the year with a purported first look at the Samsung flagship’s final camera configuration following other leaked details about its size and, possibly, a new naming convention to match the new decade.

A previous Bloomberg report already pegged the Galaxy S11’s rear camera count at (at least) four, including a new 5x optical zoom cam and 3D time-of-flight camera added alongside the wide and ultra-wide angle lenses currently found on the Galaxy S10. A fan rendering posted last month kept the idea of a possible fifth camera floating around, but that theory appears to be squashed now. In a Friday Twitter post, noted Samsung leaker Steve McFly shared an updated render of the S11+”presumably the final configuration”sporting what appears to be four cameras and the flash lined up in two columns; the previous version had apparently been a “first-stage prototype,” he explained.

While the final design has yet to be confirmed, this information lines up with claims from another Samsung insider, Ice Universe, who previously said the Galaxy S11’s set-up wouldn’t be quite as awkward looking as rumours suggested. Though there still doesn’t seem to be a way around that ridiculously large rectangular camera module.

As for its overall dimensions, previous leaks put the Galaxy S11’s display dimensions ranging from 6.4 inches to 6.9 inches, which would make this iteration’s smallest model the same size as the Galaxy S10+. And while a leak posted this week revealing the series’ screen protectors doesn’t include exact measurements, just looking at them side by side, the biggest bump in size appears to be between the S11e and vanilla S11. The protective films also appear to support talk about Samsung shrinking its new flagship’s top and bottom bezels down to almost nothing and including a central hole-punch camera on the front.

And lastly, Galaxy Note 7, skipping ahead after the Note 5 so as to avoid possible misconceptions about its relationship to the company’s flagship at the time, the Galaxy S7.

Who knows, though. All of this is conjecture until Samsung’s official debut, expected sometime in February or early March (and likely alongside the Galaxy Fold 2, or whatever the hell Samsung decides to call its next foldable phone).