Marvel Set Pictures Tease A Major WandaVision Character And Winter Soldier’s New Look

Marvel Set Pictures Tease A Major WandaVision Character And Winter Soldier’s New Look

The future of Lego movies may lie at Universal. Hulu’s plans to adapt Anne Rice’s . Spoilers, away!

LEGO Movies

Lego is now in talks with Universal to produce all future theatrical offerings since Warner Bros. allowed their contract with the Danish building block company to expire last fall. According to THR, Dan Lin and his Rideback banner will remain on board as producers for the Universal era of Lego movies.


The latest TV spot for Underwater gives us our best look at the film’s monster yet”a Cloverfield-looking number with possible elements of the cryptid Ningen, a Surinam toad, and the domed head of H.R. Giger’s Xenomorph.

Come to Daddy

Elijah Wood learns his estranged father (Stephen McHattie) may be a monster in the trailer for Come to Daddy, a new film from Ant Timpson and The Greasy Strangler scribe, Toby Harvard.

The Woman in the Window

Amy Adams plays an agoraphobic woman who believes her neighbour was replaced with an evil doppelganger in the trailer for The Woman in the Window, co-starring (impressively) Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Anthony Mackie, Wyatt Russell, Brian Tyree Henry, and Tracy Letts.


New set pictures from the show seem to reveal the presence of Agatha Harkness”a major figure in the Scarlet Witch’s backstory. A fellow practitioner of magic and one of the original Salem witches, Agatha has been both a mentor to Wanda as she learned to harness her own chaotic abilities and also an unfortunate foe, falling victim to Wanda after she suffered a psychotic break over the true nature of her children, Wiccan and Speed.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Speaking of Marvel Disney+ offerings, new set photos from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier give us a look at Winter Soldier’s new look…and Zemo’s shearling coat?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sam Corlett, Skye P. Marshall and Jonathan Whitesell have joined the cast of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s third season. Corlett will play Caliban, the “darkly handsome” Prince of Hell, while Marshall has been cast as Mambo Marie, “a gorgeous voodoo priestess.” Whitesell also joins as Robin, “a handsome young man with an “˜elfish’ quality to him.” [Deadline]

The Vampire Chronicles

According to Deadline, Hulu has passed on its planned series adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Meanwhile, all nine episodes of the new half-hour comedy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day will be available to stream February 7 on Apple TV+.

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We also have a four-minute sneak peek at the season premiere of Outlander.

Into the Dark

Finally, a killer in a jackal-esque bondage mask stalks a gay nightclub in the trailer for “Midnight Kiss,” the New Year’s episode of Into the Dark.

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