Jonathan Hickman’s Newest Series Is Sci-Fi Epic Decorum, Launching This March

Jonathan Hickman’s Newest Series Is Sci-Fi Epic Decorum, Launching This March

Recently, we all lost our collective shit over the wild treatment Jonathan Hickman and a few collaborators gave to the . For anyone wondering what the author’s next trick would be, here you go: it’s a new series at Image.

Decorum, written by Hickman and drawn by Mike Huddleston (House of X), is poised to bring what Image is calling an epic sci-fi experience, with Image calling it a combination of the “high impact, event level storytelling of Hickman’s recent re-envisioning of X-Men and the sprawling, addictive worldbuilding of the recently concluded East of West.” There are a lot of buzzwords in that sentence, but it sounds like it means there’s going to be a whole lot of plot. And Hickman is, indeed, real good at plot.

Starting in March in the U.S., Decorum will be the story of the universe’s most well-mannered assassin. That’s about all that I have to offer about the plot, although the preview images, which you can view here alongside the rest of the press release, show what appear to be conquistadors with airships. I’m confused, but listening.

“We’ve been quietly working on this book for over a year and I’m having the time of my life,” said Hickman in the release. “Mike is one of those ridiculously talented artists who is both technically proficient and insanely stylistic”everyone is just going to love what he’s done here.”

The full cover. (Illustration: Mike Huddleston/Image Comics)

The first issue will ship with two variant covers, both by Huddleston, and will be available Wednesday, March 11 in the United States. It’s not yet known when it will be released in Australia.