Corsair Now Owns The Very Best Indie Controller Maker

Corsair Now Owns The Very Best Indie Controller Maker

Following a buying spree this summer that saw the acquisition gaming brands including Origin PC and Elgato, Corsair is looking to finish off the year strong with the purchase high-end gamepad maker Scuf.

While the size of the deal was not released (neither company is publicly traded), it seems like Corsair is looking to integrate Scuf’s controllers into its portfolio of products as soon as possible, with Corsair expecting the deal to be finalised by the end month.

Scuf got its start back in 2011, and since then, it has become one of the leaders in customisable gamepads for competitive gamers on both console and PC. Scuf’s controllers often come with a huge amount of available adjustments, including the ability to swap in various D-pads and analogue sticks, while also being able to tweak the placement of rear triggers, the tension of various buttons and triggers, or the weight of the controller itself.

In fact, Scuf is one of the few gamepads makers out there providing sophisticated alternatives to standard PS4 controllers. And while there is more competition for Xbox controllers, Scuf’s Prestige Controller is a rare third-party option that can keep up with Microsoft’s recently released Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2.

But the bigger picture for the gaming world is, with the global PC games market expected to be worth more than $US30 ($44) billion by the end of 2022, this acquisition puts Corsair in a better position to offer a top-to-bottom lineup of gaming products for hardcore PC gamers—from complete desktops to game-streaming peripherals, and now customisable gamepads.

Furthermore, with Corsair having announced a press event set for January 6 during CES 2020, it might not be long before we get a peek at the next big thing from Scuf and the rest of Corsair’s growing PC gaming empire.