The Aston Martin DBX Is Ready For Your Pup

Photo: Aston Martin Lagonda

If you’re in the market for a crossover made by a British sportscar company but are concerned about whether your dog can come along, worry no more. Aston Martin had you in mind when they put together the new DBX crossover.

It’s never been simple to take your dog with you in your Aston Martin. Even the brand’s bigger cars like the 2+2 GTs and the four-door Rapide didn’t exactly accommodate a full complement of passengers, let alone a dog. Now, though, Aston Martin has fixed things up with the accessory offerings for their new crossover.

Photo: Aston Martin Lagonda

Available from the manufacturer is a “Pet Pack” that bundles together a number of accessories to keep your purebred pup safe, sound and even clean when you’re out and about in the country doing whatever it is fancy Aston Martin people do with their dogs. Squirrel hunting, maybe? Something like that.

The kit consists of a dog bed, a bumper protector to keep the paint and brightwork free of pawprints and claw scratches, a partition to keep your friends off the fancy leather in the back seats, an Aston Martin-branded leash because of course, and a portable washer that runs off of battery power to give your pup a wash before he comes back in the house.

You’re probably not in the market for the DBX if you have to ask how much all of this costs, but I’ll let you know anyway. It’s £2,700 ($5,109) all-in for the package on top of the MSRP for the car itself. if that’s too steep you can get the pieces a la carte if you so choose.

Photo: Aston Martin Lagonda

I have to say, it all sounds pretty impressive. Thing is though, Bentley already has a kit to make their crossover work with pets. Theirs, though, isn’t for dogs or cats. It’s for falcons. And that? That is cool. Not as cool as the last dog-related Aston Martin, but cool nonetheless.

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