Stop Teasing And Give Us The RX-Vision GT3 Already, Mazda

Stop Teasing And Give Us The RX-Vision GT3 Already, Mazda

It’s not every day that I actually fawn over a concept car, praying it goes into production instead of just remaining in teaser status forever. But that’s exactly what Mazda has done to me with its RX-Vision GT3 concept teaser. Honestly, it may just be the first car in quite a while to genuinely take my breath away even if it’s only destined to exist in the Gran Turismo video game series.

I am, for one, heartbroken.

Why is it that all the coolest shit isn’t actually destined for reality? The RX-Vision GT3 concept appeared only briefly in sketch form at the World Final of the FIA World Tour in Gran Turismo Sport event held in Monaco. It was basically just a way for the automaker to say, “look—a cool thing!” and then leave it at that.

The sketch that was released is gorgeous. It’s dramatic as hell and almost has a Mercedes Benz AMG GT shape to it, with the cockpit pushed to the rear of a long nose. The dramatic splitter in the front and the giant rear wing are, in my opinion, very very cool. It’s futuristic without trying too hard (I’m looking at you, Lamborghini). It looks fast, sleek, and like it’ll be a hell of a lot of fun to drive. You can thank Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s head of global design, for this bad boy.

It just sucks that you can only drive it in a video game.

Not much else was revealed about the concept. We know it’ll have a 48:52 weight distribution with a front-mounted engine and that’s… pretty much it. It is a car destined for a video game, after all. Mazda isn’t really obligated to start giving out a ton of specs to get people interested. Right now, it mainly just needs to look cool. There’s not even a guarantee that car in the game will look anything like the car in the sketch.

But I’m begging you, Mazda: please make this a real vehicle. It’s already based on the standard ol’ RX-Vision concept, just with added race-car flair—it wouldn’t be hard to just make some modifications! I would be the very first person in line to buy this magical beast. I would line up as soon as the first rumour was announced.

I might even just get in line now. You know. Just in case.