As Australia Burns, ScoMo Tells Bush Fire Victims To Cheer On The Cricket

As Australia Burns, ScoMo Tells Bush Fire Victims To Cheer On The Cricket

Last week the fires burning across Australia were labelled ‘catastrophic’. State premier Gladys Berejiklian declared a state of emergency for NSW.

As the fires continue to burn this week, with the smoke even filling the lungs of those in Sydney’s CBD, prime minister Scott Morrison decided that victims needed something to hope for. The cricket.

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While homes, wildlife and human lives are being lost, our prime minister figured a good old fashioned bit of sports ball would be an appropriate thing to tie to this multi-state devastation.

So the the PM took to Twitter to post a photo of himself at the Gabba during a training session.

“Going to be a great summer of cricket, and for our firefighters and fire-impacted communities, I’m sure our boys will give them something to cheer for,” tweeted the PM.

If this didn’t seem tone deaf enough on its own, it was posted after the PM visited the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services.

The response to the Morrison’s tweet were swift and savage. Some users pointed out the lack of empathy in the post, while others linked the tweet back to the coalition’s stance on climate change.

But perhaps the PM’s blasé response to devastating bush fires shouldn’t be surprising. After all, just last week a report found that our country has one of the worst climate change response’s in the G20.

In addition to a reliance on fossil fuels and insufficient 2030 NDC targets, we don’t even have a climate change policy.

But according to Morrison, Australia is doing just fine.

“If anything Australia is an overachiever on our global commitments, and for 2030 we will meet those as well with the mechanisms we have put in place,” said the PM on ABC radio this week.

We’re sure this attitude will serve the country well as we head into another summer of record heat. A $1.5 billion drought relief fund has already had to be established, but everything is great. Bring on the Australia vs Pakistan Test, lads.

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