Pornhub Shares The Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas

Pornhub Shares The Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas

Yesterday was Halloween, the sluttiest night of the year, and Pornhub was on hand to lend you one so you could achieve your Halloween hottie dreams.

If mildly amusing costumes thrown together at the last minute aren’t your jam, and you prefer the tried-and-tested sexy versions of literally anything, then Pornhub’s searches were a goldmine for costumes ideas.

The Insights team over on the website released a list of popular searches to give you some ideas for the best boner-ific outfits that appeal to men, women, and the population at large.

On the whole, Harley Quinn was the most searched for character, followed by Joker. Teacher, maid, and succubus rounded out the top five most popular costumes and characters. As well as the usual suspects - like police, nurses, pirates etc - Captain Marvel made the list, alongside Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and Princess Jasmine.

When it came to costumes lusted after by women, cowboys of all things topped the list, followed by Michael Myers. Harry Potter, Spider-Man, and Joker, making for a very odd mishmash of aesthetics, ages, and personalities.

The men's picks were somewhat less varied, with Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix topping the list. She was joined by Elvira, Captain Marvel, a devil, and a cat costume.

Interestingly, Pornhub traffic dipped last year on October 31 by 22 per cent at 7pm, during the mass exodus to Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, then picked up again to rise just above the daily average at 1am the following morning when everyone stumbled home horny. So here's to more Halloween wanks this year.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.