Optus’ New Mobile Plans Explained

Optus’ New Mobile Plans Explained
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Earlier this week Optus unveiled its revamped mobile plans.

Similar to Telstra earlier this year, Optus has simplified its offering and has gotten rid of lock-in contracts. Here’s a closer look at the new plans and how they work.

Optus Puts Net Neutrality Up For Sale

Optus has followed in Telstra's footsteps by simplifying its mobile plan offerings and scrapping restrictive lock-in contracts. Part of the overhaul includes the introduction of Optus One, a top-tier plan that comes with a slew of perks including 'network priority' during congested periods.

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The new plans are available with phone bundles and also give you the option to BYO.

SIM-Only plans

The cheapest SIM-only plan starts at $39 a month. It comes with 10GB of data and not much else, even by way of talk and text inclusions. If you opt for the $49 a month plan you’ll get unlimited talk and text, Optus Sport access, six months of Apple Music for free as well as more data to play with.

Once you hit $59 a month you’re looking at all of the above, but with a year of free Apple music. You’ll also get 2GB of data roaming a month thrown in for Zone 1 countries, as well as unlimited talk and text while you’re there.

Going for the $79 a month option means that your roaming allowance gets bumped up to 4GB a month. Plus you get all of the above perks and 120GB of regular data a month.

Alternatively, you can opt to build your own plan, which allows you to choose your data as well as your data roaming and international call allowances.

Here’s what the plans look like:

What if I need a phone?

Just like with the old plans, you can choose to bundle with a phone. While the base plan prices will be the same as above, the overall cost per month will depend on the monthly repayments of the handset you choose.

Here’s some examples of the Optus plans that are attached to some of the most popular phones of 2019:

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

Pixel 4 XL

Galaxy S10

Optus One

There is also one additional option that isn’t shown here. The telco also launched an exclusive Optus One plan for $119 a month. This gives its members access to exclusive perks such as one-to-one customer service, some restaurant freebies, 10GB data roaming and 12 months free access to Apple Music.

It also gives you 500GB of data a month if you opt for a participating phone plan. If this seems like more than you’ll need, you can also choose to share that data with your family.

Another advertised perk is network priority, which allows Optus One customers to receive better service during congested periods. While this sounds great, it is also goes against the principles of net neutrality. We wrote extensively about this in relation to Optus One here.

You can learn more about Optus new plans over on the telco’s website.