OnePlus Is Teasing Some New Bullshit

OnePlus Is Teasing Some New Bullshit

OnePlus has got something cooking, and it’s not a phone.

The company posted an image of whatever the hell it’s been working on on its Twitter account, saying that the product would be “coming soon.” It’s a pretty dark picture, and turning up the brightness didn’t illuminate the situation any further, although you can see a cheeky “nice try” slipped in there.

Here’s the same image with the brightness cranked up:

So far, OnePlus says no one has guessed correctly, so that means it’s not a tablet either if that tweet is to be trusted. The closest guess was that it’s a desk, but that’s not massively helpful. Looking at this tech Rorschach test, it looks like buttons on a cassette player, but there’s no idea of scale – or anything really – so who the fuck knows.

It could be something related to the new OnePlus TV or the rumoured wearable that’s said to be launching alongside the OnePlus 8 next year.

Either way, we haven’t got the foggiest.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.