One Of The Coolest New Mandalorian Characters (No, Not That One) Is Getting An Amazing New Toy

One Of The Coolest New Mandalorian Characters (No, Not That One) Is Getting An Amazing New Toy
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As we patiently refresh every single website in the world waiting for that sweet Baby Yoda merch from The Mandalorian, we’re excited to exclusively reveal another toy based on a new character introduced in the series: the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, as part of Hasbro’s popular Black Series line.

This character was introduced in Episode III of the show, “The Sin,” so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know more, stop here.

The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian appears twice in “The Sin.” First, he’s there to mess with the main character over his beskar and drop some Mandalorian history facts. Later, he’s there to save the Mandalorian from an angry mob. It’s at that point we see him wielding a massive Gatling gun-type weapon, which felt a little Baze Malbus-inspired.

The credits list the character as “Paz Vizla,” which is interesting considering the voice coming from the character is Mandalorian writer and , and while the spellings are different, it feels a little too close to be a coincidence, right? We’ll see how that plays out.

Anyway, now that you know about the character, let’s see the toy. You’re here for the toy and the toy you shall have. Like. Now. Really.

The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian in the package. (Photo: Hasbro)

That’s the 6-inch Black Series Heavy Infantry Mandalorian from Hasbro. Retailing for $US29.99 ($44), it’s a Best Buy exclusive in the U.S. that is available for pre-order right now. There’s no current word on where it’ll turn up in Australia.

Here are some more photos of the figure in different poses, so you can click through like a flipbook.

Photo: All Images, Hasbro

Photo: All Images, Hasbro



Photo: All Images, Hasbro

Photo: All Images, Hasbro


Heavy! Infantry! Mandalorian! Ta-Da!

And while we still don’t know when or if a Baby Yoda is coming from Hasbro, the fact this semi-secretive character could be released so soon is certainly a good sign for that one.

We’ll have much more on The Mandalorian next week. Check out some of our recent coverage below.