Looks Like Mark Wahlberg Will Play Uncharted's Live-Action Sully

Victor Sullivan at left, and noted celebrity who seemingly has a problem with people of colour Mark Wahlberg at right. (Image: Leon Bennett, Sony/Getty Images)

Beleaguered as Travis Knight’s Uncharted is at this point, the project’s still chugging along at a clip and the movie’s just found its newest star (don’t worry, Tom Holland is still attached): Mark Wahlberg. You know him from the underwear ads and the Transformers franchise.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Wahlberg is in final negotiations to join Uncharted’s cast as Victor Sullivan (aka “Sully”), who, in the games, acts as a kind of father figure to Nathan Drake (who’s being portrayed by Holland.)

Wahlberg’s casting...tracks, kinda? Sully’s squarely in the actor’s wheelhouse in terms of playing a somewhat grizzled father figure who get involved in larger-than-life nonsense (see: Transformers). What remains to be seen is what Wahlberg is going to end up bringing to the table in this film that’s not technically testosterone Tomb Raider, but, well, isn’t it?

Wahlberg also has The Six Billion Dollar Man lined up; Uncharted hits theatres December 18, 2020.

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