Hasbro’s Next Monopoly Troll Variants Pokes Fun At Itself With The Longest Game Ever Edition

Hasbro is at it again with another silly buggers Monopoly edition that just makes fun of how much the game can drag.

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you’ll know it can err on the tedious side as properties start getting snapped up, houses and hotels start to go up, and you desperately start rifling through the rules to see if you can mortgage off properties or have your iron sell its body to made a quick buck. Hasbro is leaning into the trope with this year’s edition of the game; Monopoly Longest Game Ever Edition.

The board game is an Amazon exclusive – although it looks like it’s not on the Australia site right now – but you can order from Amazon.com for $29.50 and have it shipped to the UK, so that’s good news.

“Think the original Monopoly game takes forever to play? It’s got nothing over this edition of the Monopoly game! Longest…Monopoly game…ever,” reads the description, and it sounds like it. The game doesn’t end until someone owns all of the properties and there are three versions of each in the game somehow, making for a total of 66. There’s only a single die, so getting around the board will take an age, and you can’t go bankrupt. Sounds like a nightmare.

The most horrifying feature of all is that when you run out of cash, you can rip the bills in half to bolster your reserve. You really will be sitting around all day playing this.

Monopoly is also known for kicking off family feuds that persist for generations, so lookout for the Purge edition next year. [The Verge]

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