Which Disney+ Content Is Coming To Australia

Which Disney+ Content Is Coming To Australia

Disney+ launched in the U.S. earlier this week and since then we’ve all been wondering which titles Australia will be getting.

Well, Disney just gave us a taste.

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The streaming service posted a 2-minute video on its Instagram that VERY QUICKLY runs through a tonne of the content that will be coming to Australia.

A Disney+ spokesperson told Gizmodo Australia over email that it won’t be releasing a full list of the content on the service. However what is showed below isn’t even half of what will be available.

Some of the cool stuff we spotted included some Marvel movies (including Captain Marvel), Star Wars, The Simpsons Movie and an eye watering amount of Disney classics of both the cartoon and live action varieties.

Take a peak and see if you can spot some of your favourites.


Disney+ will be launching in Australia on November 19 and will cost $8.99 a month.

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