Channing Tatum Might Have Found Himself Another Comic Book Adaptation

Channing Tatum Might Have Found Himself Another Comic Book Adaptation

Get a sneaky new look at the end of all worlds on Crisis on Infinite Earths. The forces of good and evil stand ready in new Rise of Skywalker images. I am Legend’s Francis Lawrence has the rights to Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor. Plus, a new look at The Walking Dead’s new-year return, and what’s to come on the next Watchmen. Spoilers, away!

Channing Tatum Might Have Found Himself Another Comic Book Adaptation

The Maxx

THR reports Channing Tatum plans to co-produce an adaptation of Sam Keith’s The Maxx with Vertigo Entertainment, though it is currently “unclear” if the “adaptation will be a series or feature.”

Friday the 13th

Copyright lawyer and Friday the 13th Part III star Larry Zerner has provided another update on the franchise’s legal battles, concluding “there will probably be a decision by June 2020.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Terri White, the editor-in-chief of Empire Magazine, has revealed all three of the latest issue’s Rise of Skywalker variant covers on Twitter.

Judy & Punch

Mia Wasikowska plays a puppeteer accused of witchcraft in the latest trailer for the medieval dark comedy, Judy & Punch.


Speaking with /Film, director Francis Lawrence (Constantine, I Am Legend) revealed he’s acquired the television rights to Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Survivor, in which the last living member of a death cult attains international celebrity.

Weirdly, no joke, we closed to get the rights. I now have the option again for “Survivor” that we got maybe about a month ago. It’s something I want to do as a TV show. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ve got an idea for how to do it as a TV show, and I’m talking to a writer now into adapting it and really staying true to the tone, keeping the satire and celebrity. The addiction to celebrity is so extremely relevant right now [Laughs]. I think it’s going to be really fun, and it’s one of the things I’m really, really excited about. I just got the option again.


M. Night Shyamalan confirmed Servant has been preemptively renewed for a second season at Apple TV. You can check out our review of the first season, debuting November 28, here.


Kristen, David, and Ben investigate a disturbingly popular Christmas novelty song in the synopsis for “7 Swans a Singin,’” the December 13 episode of Evil.

Kristen, David and Ben are called to investigate an insidiously addictive Christmas song that’s spreading among an increasing number of students, and the dangerous relationship between online influencers and their impressionable young followers, on EVIL.

[Spoiler TV]


Spoiler TV has the first five episode titles of the Stargirl TV series which will air on DC Universe and the CW.

Stargirl – Episode 1.01 – Pilot

Stargirl – Episode 1.02 – S.T.R.I.P.E.

Stargirl – Episode 1.03 – Icicle

Stargirl – Episode 1.04 – Wildcat

Stargirl – Episode 1.05 – Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite


Spoiler TV also has titles for episodes 9-13 of Supernatural’s final season.

Supernatural – Episode 15.09 – The Trap

Supernatural – Episode 15.10 – The Heroes’ Journey

Supernatural – Episode 15.11 – The Gamblers

Supernatural – Episode 15.12 – Galaxy Brain

Supernatural – Episode 15.13 – Destiny’s Child


Likewise, an intriguingly titled episode of Legacies invokes the Muppet Babies.

Legacies – Episode 2.09 – I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You

Legacies – Episode 2.10 – This is Why We Don’t Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies

Legacies – Episode 2.11 – What Cupid Problem?

[Spoiler TV]

Crisis On Infinite Earths

The major players of Crisis On Infinite Earths assemble on a new poster. [Screen Rant]

Channing Tatum Might Have Found Himself Another Comic Book Adaptation

Meanwhile, Brandon Routh’s Superman is here to save the multiverse in the latest promo.

Black Lightning

KSiteTV also has images from “The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: Pale Horse,” the December 3 episode of Black Lightning. Head over there to see the rest.

Channing Tatum Might Have Found Himself Another Comic Book Adaptation


The secret to save humanity starts in Oklahoma according to the promo for “An Almost Religious Awe,” next week’s episode of Watchmen.

Van Helsing

Finally, a campy ringmaster kidnaps Violet and forces her to participate in gladiatorial battles in the trailer for “Together Forever,” this week’s episode of Van Helsing.

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