Swiss Cinema Replaces All Its Seats With Beds

Swiss Cinema Replaces All Its Seats With Beds

We’ve all met those cinema-goers who treat their local multiplex like it’s their own home. Shoes off, cheesy feet slung over the seat in front, phone out on maximum brightness, shards of popcorn flying from their masticator while they slurp their over-sugared drink and discuss the plot spoilers with the person next to them, whether or not they know them.

Well, this cinema in Switzerland is probably for them.

Pathé Spreitenbach opened earlier this year offering the ultimate VIP experience. They’ve replaced all the boring regular seats in one of their screens with eleven luxurious beds, complete with adjustable headrests, pillows and sheets we’re assured are replaced after every showing. There are even bedside tables and a pair of slippers should you want to truly forget you’re a fully-grown adult out in public.

Those willing to fork out 49 Swiss Francs (about $73) for the privilege will also get unlimited food and non-alcoholic drink, and if you’ve got little ones they can enjoy the separate children’s cinema, with bean bags, a ball pit and a slide instead of stairs.

While double sofas have become increasingly common in cinemas across Europe, Pathé are not the first to offer the opportunity to catch forty winks while watching Ad Astra (yes, Brad, we get it, you have daddy issues). The Electric in London’s posh Notting Hill has six of them at the front of their single screen.

Of course, as well as the danger you might fall asleep to the latest three-hour festival circuit favourite, there’s also the possibility you’ll be near a couple who are taking the engaging in some um, audience participation, while watching the latest Fifty Shades.

Beds. Cumming Coming to a cinema near you… Maybe.

[Pathe Spreitenbach via Screenrant]

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