Microsoft’s Barrage Of New Surface Products Come Into Focus

Microsoft’s Barrage Of New Surface Products Come Into Focus

While Microsoft is expected to show off a bunch of new devices at an event tomorrow in New York City, like a lot of other launches this spring, recent leaks may have just given us a ton of insight into what might actually get announced.

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We're less than a day out from Microsoft's 2019 Surface event, though that hasn't stopped some last minute leaks. It looks like we may be blessed with a new Surface Pro 7, a thin 2-in-1 and two Surface Laptop 3s. We're also holding out hope for the dual-screen Surface that has been rumoured for the last few years. Sadly we can't all be in New York for the reveal, but here's how you can watch from home.

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The latest info comes from noted leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), who posted photos claiming that Microsoft is planning on releasing a wide range of new Surface devices including a new Surface Pro 7, two new Surface Laptops 3s, and a super-thin Surface 2-in-1 with an ARM-based processor.

Photo: @evleaks

The Surface Pro 7 appears to be the device with the least amount of changes, offering the same general design and build as the current Surface Pro, but with a selection of new Intel 10th-gen CPUs and a USB-C port in place of the old Mini Display (finally!).

Meanwhile, it seems that for the Surface Laptop 3, Microsoft is expanding its notebook offerings with a refreshed 13-inch model alongside a brand new 15-inch Surface Laptop, the latter of which according to previous rumours could feature an AMD CPU instead of an Intel chip, as Intel has been a bit slow in rolling out its line of 10th-gen Ice Lake processors.

Photo: @evleaks

Some of the pictures also suggest that Microsoft may do away with the fuzzy Alcantara-topped keyboards found on previous Surface Laptops, which might be a boon to cleanliness at the expense of slightly reduced comfort.

But what might be the most surprising addition to the Surface family is a second Surface 2-in-1 featuring an ARM-based chip instead of the typical x86 processor found in most Windows machines.

Photo: @evleaks

While it’s hard to gauge their sizes from these leaked pics, the ARM-based Surface appears to be even more portable than the standard Surface Pro, featuring thinner bezels and a slightly slimmer body. This device is said to be part of the Surface Pro line, and while it may not have the same top-end performance as its x86-based siblings, the use of an ARM CPU (probably a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chip) could offer significantly better battery life.

Finally, while Blass didn’t have any pictures to show, he claims Microsoft is also planning on announcing some sort of “dual-screen Surface,” which for anyone who remembers the cancelled Microsoft Courier project, is something a lot of folks have been waiting to see for almost a decade.

If these leaks are accurate, the upcoming event could be one of Microsoft’s biggest product launches in recent history. Thankfully, we’ll be on the ground tomorrow for the show, so check back for more updates and info soon.