How To Watch The Uncensored Version Of John Wick 3 In Australia

How To Watch The Uncensored Version Of John Wick 3 In Australia

When the third installment of the John Wick franchise, Parabellum, was released earlier this year, Aussies didn’t get the same version as most other countries. One scene in particular was censored so the film could secure a MA15+ rating.

However, if you want to get your eyeballs (hah) on the uncensored version, you now can.

4K Ultra HD blu-ray versions of the movie includes the original scene where Wick stabs a bloke right in the eye.

In the Australian cinematic release this occurs just off screen. In other parts of the world, viewers actually saw the knife penetrating the eyeball.

There appears to be two editions of the 4K Ultra HD version currently available – a regular blu-ray and a fancier Steelbook. The latter also features Wick’s very good doggo as an added bonus.

This version also bumps the rating right back up to R18+.

All other blu-ray and DVD variants of the film currently on sale are rated MA15+ and don’t have the graphic version of the scene.

Interestingly, digital 4K versions of the film on iTunes and Google Play are listed as MA15+. A source checked the latter file for us and the scene has definitely been censored to fit the rating.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to the Classifications Board for clarification regarding the difference in ratings between blu-ray and digital 4K.

In the meantime, if you’re into gore factor, you’ll need to shell out a little bit more for a 4K blu-ray. Because apparently a casual eyeball stabbing is only fit for viewing if it is high quality.

Thanks to Peter Zaluzny for bringing this to our attention.