Hyundai Veloster N Performance Concept: Yes, Please

Image: Hyundai

Look, life gets boring sometimes when all you do is wake up before the sun does in order to go somewhere and work for nine hours, leaving time for roughly two episodes of whichever show you’re streaming right now when you do get home.

But you know what isn’t boring? The Hyundai Veloster N.

And do you know what we get to admire on this fine day? A Hyundai Veloster N, not long after Hyundai showed the sweet Veloster Grappler off-road concept it’s taking to SEMA. And do you know what that means? MORE VELOSTERS, which also happens to be the slogan for my upcoming presidential campaign.

Image: Hyundai

Sure, sure, this particular Veloster N is simply a concept car, but it’s another Veloster N nonetheless—a car we feel particularly strongly about. Hyundai is calling this the “Veloster N Performance Concept” and also taking it to SEMA, where Hyundai said it’ll show off “a variety of OEM-quality performance parts.”

The parts, the announcement on the concept said, are “designed to have high potential for aftermarket availability” and include things like: a bunch of racing and performance-branded new parts; a six-piston front brake caliper and four-piston rear caliper; 19-inch racing wheels with carbon-fibre wheel caps; carbon and Alcantara sport seats; Alcantara all over the rest of the interior; that sweet rear wing; an aluminium shift knob; and N badges all over it, in case someone missed the first 12.

Basically, it’s a Veloster N that’ll likely be even more fun to drive and cooler to simply sit in, which is a difficult task given that the Veloster N is already fun to drive and cool to sit in.

Image: Hyundai

Since the parts used to create the concept are “designed to have high potential for aftermarket availability,” according to Hyundai, perhaps we’ll see N owners creating their own takes on a performance concept one day.

Regardless, friends, take solace in the fact that despite all of the responsibilities and monotony modern existence throws at us, the Veloster exists. But not only that—take solace in that we continue to receive more Velosters, for the Veloster is our king, and to our king, we bow.

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