Henry Cavill Looks Sad At A Sword, At A Bar And On A Horse In New Witcher Photos

Gerart and Roach are ready to brood in new Witcher photos. (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix said The Witcher is coming out this year. And yet the year is coming to a close and the show is not on its November release schedule. It seems like the rumoured December release is true, which means fans still have weeks until they officially meet Geralt, Ciri, Yennifer, Roach, and the rest.

Until then though, the streamer just released eight brand new photos showing us some behind the scenes looks, some intriguing new angles, and a very cool, ominous claw. Check them out.

Honestly, the images don’t give us a ton of new information, outside of just whetting our appetites for the show a little more. Plus, you know, it’s cool to finally get a look at what we think is a griffin. Nevertheless, one can imagine with a possible December release date, new Witcher content is coming sooner rather than later.

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