Turns Out Hayu Has Heaps Of True Crime Shows (Including The New Paul Holes One)

Turns Out Hayu Has Heaps Of True Crime Shows (Including The New Paul Holes One)
Here's Paul Holes because we know what you like.

When most Aussies hear the name ‘Hayu’ their minds immediately jump to Kardashians.

And this makes sense – the streaming service cut its teeth on being all about reality TV.

But as it turns out, it also has a huge library of true crime content.

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I was genuinely surprised to hear that Hayu flew the true crime flag – and I’m someone who watched Unsolved Mysteries when she was 7 and trawled through a website called Crime Library, hoping that the sound of the modem dialling up again wouldn’t wake my parents.

And I’m definitely not the only one. Everyone I spoke to in the office and at a recent Hayu event were also unaware.

Surprise, the streaming service actually has 38 shows currently running, and its adding a few more premium ones that get new episodes on the same day as the U.S.

The one I’m most thirsty for is The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes. Anyone familiar with the Golden State Killer case will know that Holes helped to crack this cold case before he retired.

And anyone familiar with the My Favorite Murder podcast will be aware that he has become something of a true crime sex symbol, complete with his own hashtag, #HotForHoles.

His show follows Holes as he investigates unsolved homicides by looking at the physical and ’emotional’ DNA left behind.

Other new shows include Snapped, which is all about female killers, and Killer Siblings, which is pretty self explanatory.

Ice-T also has a show hilariously named In Ice Cold Blood already streaming.

Fortunately, the Hayu site and app have been revamped and are much easier to navigate than in the past – it used to be a bit of a nightmare so this is great news.

Now, if you want to skip straight to the true crime goodness, you can go straight to the search icon and the category will appear.

If you’re all about binging murder shows on Saturday afternoons, Hayu costs $6.99 a month, but you can also grab yourself a free one month trial.