Google Pixel 4 Prices Have Leaked

Google Pixel 4 Prices Have Leaked

The launch of the Google Pixel 4 is just over a week away, and somehow the leaks are still coming.

Just when you thought the metaphorical faucet had nothing more to spit out… some pricing dropped.

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Renowned leaker Evan Blass tweeted the supposed Canadian pricing for all four Pixel models that are expected at launch:

This revelation means that we can expect a price bump for the next generation, as the Google Pixel 3 started at CAD$999 last year ($1,199 in Australia), with the 128GB XL coming in at CAD$1259 ($1,499 in Australia).

We can expect to pay more again thanks to the exchange rate and the usual extra taxes we get whacked with.

At the time of writing the Google Pixel 4 Canadian pricing equates to about $1,172, so expect the 64GB Pixel 4 to have an RRP of at least $1,249.

We’re also expecting the Pixel 4 128GB to be at least $1,400, with the Pixel 4 XL 64GB and 128GB costing at least $1,400 and $1,600, respectively.