Google Is Rumoured To Be Unveiling Pixel Buds 2 This Month

Google Is Rumoured To Be Unveiling Pixel Buds 2 This Month

Google is apparently taking a second bash at making half decent wireless earbuds and if the rumours are true, the tech giant will be unveiling them at its event in a couple of weeks.

Yes, the Google Pixel 4 launch event, that holds little surprises at this point, give everything that’s already leaked so far. According to yet another mysterious source, probably wearing a trench coat and having a furtive smoke in a poorly lit, multi-storey car par, Google will also be showing off its wireless earphones there – the Pixel Buds 2.

Pixel Buds first hit the UK early last year, after their 2017 launch in the U.S. and Canada. Aside from the built-in Google Assistant, we didn’t like anything else about them; they’re wireless earbuds that are strung together like a pair of kids’ mittens, the Bluetooth setup was unnecessarily convoluted, and the audio quality left a lot to be desired. So will Google churn out another dud next week? Let’s bloody hope not.

The anonymous source, speaking to 9to5Google, says the second-generation earbuds will be announced Made by Google in New York on October 16, which will kick off at midnight AEST. So sit tight until then, or until another leak pops up complete with product images and all the specs you could possibly imagine.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.