Reminder: Daylight Savings Starts This Weekend

Reminder: Daylight Savings Starts This Weekend
Classic sunset. Photo: Angharad Yeo.

This long weekend we will be once again proving that time is meaningless by bending it to the will of humans.

Daylight savings 2019-2020 is kicking off, and these are the details.

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Unlike last year, we will start controlling time in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT over the Labour Day long weekend.

At 02:00am on Sunday October 6 the time will jump forward to 03:00am. Daylight savings will then run until Sunday April 5 where at 03:00am the clocks will pop back to 02:00am.

Because many of us are slaves to technology at this point, your internet-connected devices should make these changes for you automatically, but best double check so you’re not accidentally late for something.