2020 Volkswagen Golf: This Is All Of It

2020 Volkswagen Golf: This Is All Of It

The press releases for the all-new 2020 aren’t due to come out until Friday, but a German newspaper called Augsburger Allgemeine must have been so excited they forgot because they published what appear to be official photos already. What’s German for “oops?” It’s probably 30 letters long, whatever it is.

The newspaper published a large photo of the front of the car, and another, somewhat smaller three-quarter image.

As far as leaks go, it’s really pretty minor, as we’ve seen the Mark 8 Golf running around in the wild, already.

The new Golf is crisp and fairly handsome looking, though it does look sort of nonplussed in that head-on image. It also appears that there will be some slight variations, like how on that green one above there’s bits above the headlights to give them a rounder shape, and not all the models appear to have that.

I like the proportions, and it feels true to its original, boxier, Giugiaro-penned original. Like all generations of Golf, this one shows some carefully-considered evolutions of design, not a radical departure, which is really what the Golf has always been about.