Why Australians Aren’t Getting The Huawei Mate 30

Why Australians Aren’t Getting The Huawei Mate 30
Image: Huawei

It’s been confirmed the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is coming to Australia sometime this year. But while we’re still not sure the exact date of release, we know for a fact the entry Mate 30 model won’t be coming to Australia.

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Gizmodo Australia asked Huawei Australia why only the more expensive Pro model, which was announced overnight on Thursday, was on the way to our shores and why we wouldn’t be getting the cheaper, Mate 30.

“Feedback from Australian consumers is that they loved the features on the Mate 20 Pro more than the Mate 20 so we are giving customers what they want by only bringing the Mate 30 Pro,” a Huawei Australia spokesperson said in an email.

“The silver and black colours have been the most popular, which is why they’ve been chosen for Australia.”

The Mate 30 Pro sure packs some serious (technological) heat. Fitted with Huawei’s latest chip, the Kirin 990, it comes with a four huge rear lenses and some pretty impressive selfie cameras to make you look dazzling without a hitch. Also, its slow-motion feature is out of this world.

But if you don’t need all the highest specs the standard Mate 30 fares just fine and would definitely save you some cash. It’s got the same souped-up Kirin chip as the Pro, a minor megapixel downgrade in the rear and selfie cameras and wireless charging.

For reference, the Mate 20 was released for $1099 in November 2018 while the Mate 20 Pro retailed for $1599.

While we don’t doubt Huawei’s claim about Australians preferring the Mate30 Pro’s juiced-up features, there’s also a safety net in releasing one phone amid the political turmoil and uncertainty of how well a phone without Google apps will do in a market where most people use either YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps.

Either way, it’s not great that Australian fans of Huawei get the raw end of the deal and are pushed to splash out extra to get their hands on a Google-app-less phone.

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