Lenovo VP Thinks Foldables Are Better Suited To Laptops

Lenovo VP Thinks Foldables Are Better Suited To Laptops
Image: Tegan Jones/Gizmodo Australia

Foldables were the talk of IFA 2019, with both Samsung and Huawei showing off soon-to-be-released devices.

But while foldable phones are becoming all the rage, we wondered whether bendy screens were better suited to larger devices. And this Lenovo VP agreed.

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Lenovo dropped six new Yoga Books at IFA last week. Considering that the brand’s M.O. is versatile, bendable screens that can be used both as a laptop and a tablet, we figured that the company must be thinking about foldable screens for future products.

And it looks like we were right.

Lenovo’s vice president of Design for Lenovo’s PCs & Smart Devices, Brian Leonard, believes that foldables are actually better suited to devices that are far bigger than a phone.

“I think actually to me it fits better in larger screens and devices. Yes my phone is the same size but now it’s twice as thick and the screen is twice as big. That model doesn’t work well in my pocket,” said Leonard.

And he’s not wrong. Both the Huawei Mate X and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold are thick phones once you fold them up.

This is why Leonard believes that perhaps laptops would be a bigger fit – they’re already bigger.

“But you know when you talk about something that could be the same form factor as devices we carry today except it’s a complete digital experience from the nose to the top… I think that’s really where things can start to change.”

“You have to study the smallest to the biggest in a vacuum and then figure out where the sweet spot is for things. For for me its more in larger screens.”

That sure sounds like Lenovo, and other laptop manufacturers, are thinking about how laptops screens will look in the not-so-distant future. And the answer is probably “foldable”.

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The author traveled to IFA 2019 as a guest of Lenovo.