Is Tinder About To Become The Horniest Streaming Service?

Is Tinder About To Become The Horniest Streaming Service?

Tinder is reportedly getting into the streaming game with its sights on helping pair you up with prospective dates.

Citing sources familiar with the company’s plans, Reuters first reported Tuesday that Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, in August finished filming a multi-episode television series with an “apocalyptic” setting, though details about the mystery series are lacking. One source told the outlet that the series involves a romantic relationship, but Reuters reported that storyline was only a subplot.

Also citing people familiar with the project, Variety separately reported Tuesday that the alleged six-episode series will use a choose-your-own-adventure model and is centred on the question: “Who would you spend your last night alive with?” Sounds spicy!

You may be wondering why on Earth a dating app would want to break into television — especially given the fact that every other company is doing the same. According to Reuters, Match Group hopes to expand its original content offerings and better engage its users. But Variety cited a source as claiming that Tinder hopes to mine series selections to create an algorithm for pairing up users:

Yet another insider close to the project said Tinder intends to create an algorithm based on how its users make decisions within the series, and then match them with romantic interests based on those choices. A Tinder user’s particular view on how a group of characters should spend the eve of the apocalypse will lead them to others with similar takes, the thinking goes, and then, perhaps, to an awkward first date in real life.

I challenge you, reader, to name a reality more harrowing than one with a dating algorithm based on your streaming preferences and in-app behaviour. As if Festival Mode weren’t enough.

Variety further reported the series will stream in-app — swiping left and right will evidently further the storyline — and it’s set to launch on Tinder in early October, possibly before heading to another streaming service down the line. Karena Evans, who’s directed multiple music videos for Drake, reportedly directed the series, which is rumoured to have had a budget in excess of $7 million. Both Reuters and Variety said the show was filmed in Mexico City.

A representative for Tinder declined to comment on the reports. However, a spokesperson told Reuters that the company’s plans for this project would soon be revealed. We’re all holding our breath, I’m sure.