iPhone XS And XS Max Are Dead

iPhone XS And XS Max Are Dead
Image: Raul Marrero (Gizmodo)

This week Apple announced its brand new iPhone 11 series.

The company slashed the prices of some of its older models, offering customers some more affordable options.

However, there were a couple of iPhones missing from the discount list. And they’ve disappeared from the website, too.

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Despite only launching a year ago – the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max weren’t given a mention at the most recent Apple Event.

Instead, price cuts to both the iPhone XR and the far older iPhone 8 were given pride of place next to the new iPhone 11 models.

On the Australian Apple store website you can now pick up an iPhone 8 from $779 and an iPhone XR from $1,049.

But if you want to buy yourself an XS or XS Max, you’ll have to look elsewhere. They’re gone.

Of course, there will be other ways to get one. Retailers will be selling through stock for awhile. And telcos are known to keep older iPhone model plans switched on for years due to the popularity of the brand.

Still, it’s a little sad to see Apple ditch these lads after only a year – especially when one of the newbies is named the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Thank u, next.