Freema Agyeman Returns To Martha Jones For Big Finish’s New Torchwood Audio Series

Freema Agyeman Returns To Martha Jones For Big Finish’s New Torchwood Audio Series
Gwen Cooper and Martha Jones, together again. (Image: Big Finish)

Freema Agyeman is back in action in the Whoniverse — but it’s not for Doctor Who itself. Martha Jones makes a return, and this time, it’s Torchwood business that’s come calling.

Big Finish has just announced that Agyeman will reprise her role as Martha for a new Torchwood audio drama, Torchwood: Dissected, also starring Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper. Reunions for everybody!

Set after Martha’s previous appearances in Torchwood’s second season — after she’d left the Tenth Doctor behind and joined up with UNIT to continue her work as a doctor-slash-defender of the Earth — Dissected, penned by Tim Foley, sees Gwen and Martha re-enter each other’s lives over a mysterious dead body.

The problem goes beyond a peculiar corpse though, because Martha’s been through a lot since she last met her Torchwood allies, and so has Gwen, and the two have to get through their lost friendship before they can really solve what’s going on.

The full cover for Torchwood: Dissected. (Image: Big Finish)

It marks the first time Agyeman has actually returned to Martha Jones since 2008, outside of the character’s brief cameo in David Tennant’s swan song episodes of Doctor Who, “The End of Time,” back in 2010. But setting Dissected in this interesting period in not just Martha’s life, but Gwen’s, and seeing what the two have gone through since they last met, makes for a dramatically intriguing frame for her return.

We’re just happy to have Martha Jones back in our lives for a little bit in any way, frankly. Martha and Gwen reunite for Torchwood: Dissected in February 2020, when it’ll be available from Big Finish for £8 ($15) digitally or £10 ($17) on CD.