Do You Have A Moment For Your Lord And Saviour, The Portal Axle?

Do You Have A Moment For Your Lord And Saviour, The Portal Axle?

You can install the world’s largest lift kit on your truck, but its axles are still going to be close to the ground. Big tires help, of course, but portal axles are the galaxy brain mod for getting ground clearance. Here’s a cool examination of how one works, and apparently, this kit will fit on your older Jeep Wrangler.

I’m only aware of the off-road aftermarket outfit TRE because it makes a front locking differential that’s popular with my Mitsubishi Montero-owning friends, but if this portal axle modification can be used on the ubiquitous JK-generation Jeep Wrangler, we might start seeing more of this brand on trails and parks.

For those still wondering – a portal axle is essentially a gearset that lives at the end of a vehicle’s regular axle, moving the wheel-mounting spot downwards and effectively raising the vehicle. We discussed this when we test-drove the Mercedes G500 4×4 “squared,” which utilises the tech.

Image: Creative Commons

TRE’s new aftermarket system in the video above raises vehicles “four to five inches” (10 to 13 cm) according to the description, which is an absolutely immense ground clearance boost, considering stock off-road SUVs tend to have about 25cm of clearance to start with. You can dig into the specs a little more closely on TRE’s site but I noticed a price is not listed.

But mostly, I just like the explanatory nature of the animated diagram above. Enjoy, and spread the good news – portal axles are available for (some of) your Jeeps!

Hat tip to William at SoCal Monteros!