The First Reactions To It Chapter Two Are All Over The Map

The First Reactions To It Chapter Two Are All Over The Map
A sinister smile is the right reaction to these<em> It</em><em> Chapter Two</em> tweets. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

The spring movie season stars on September 5 with the release of highly anticipated horror sequel It Chapter Two. Though that’s still over two weeks away, Warner Bros. has begun screening the film for critics. Screenings mean social media reactions, and while lots of people don’t put faith in that kind of early buzz, we think you’ll be especially interested in this case.

Here’s why: The reactions are kind of all over the map. For superhero movies, lots of times the early reactions are hyperbolic as shit. Here, though, many critics are much more measured about their reactions, making us very curious about what general audiences are going to think.

Here are a few reactions.

So, as you can see, even the positive reviews find time to make a few concessions. And, we’ll end on my personal reaction — which, in a way, is kind of right smack in the middle of all of these.

It Chapter Two opens September 5. We’ll have much more, including a full review, before that.