Optus Announces First Available 5G Phone (And When Its 5G Will Be Available)

Image: Samsung

It looks like the Note 10 release isn't the only telco-related news today.

Optus just announced its Hero Plans for the series... including the 5G Model.

Despite having around one hundred test sites across the country, Optus hasn't been clear on when a wider roll out would take place other than "2019".

Since then Telstra has rolled out its own 5G network, which currently has three 5G enabled phones and a hub attached exclusively to it.

But it seems like that this is going to change quite soon.

Optus announced that it will be stocking two of the devices in the Note 10 Series - the 10+ and the 10+ 5G.

Aside from rejecting the entry-level Note, this also reveals that a widespread 5G rollout can't be too far away. But it won't be in time for the Note's release on August 23.

In a press release the telco states:

"The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is also available to pre-order today on a 24 month My Plan Plus plan for $125 per month (includes $85 My Plan Plus + $40 handset repayment) with 80GB of included monthly data. (min. total cost $3,000 over 24 months)"

Comparatively, pre-order is not mentioned in regards to the 5G model:

"Optus is offering the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G on the great value 24 month My Plan Plus plan for $135 per month (includes $85 My Plan Plus + $50 handset repayment) with 80GB of included monthly data (min. total cost $3,240 over 24 months)."

It is understood that the Samsung Note 10+ 5G will be the first 5G enabled device to land on the Optus network and that more would be said about its 5G rollout over the coming months.

However, according to the Optus website deliveries of the Note 10+ 5G will begin on September 20. That probably means that the service will be live by then.

This isn't the only 5G device that has been confirmed for the Optus network. Earlier this year it was confirmed at Mobile World Congress that the telco would also be getting the Oppo Reno 5G.

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