Legendary’s Sure Hoping To Make Pacific Rim Theme Park Rides A Thing

Legendary’s Sure Hoping To Make Pacific Rim Theme Park Rides A Thing

Galaxy’s Edge fever has seemingly inspired every movie studio to fast-track whatever franchise they can into an immersive theme park experience. Just this week Universal announced its vague intent for a new, presumably licensee-packed “Epic” land. Marvel’s making its way over to Disneyland. And now… Pacific Rim is heading to Indonesia?

Entertainment Weekly has word of a new deal between Legendary Pictures and Trans Corp to bring Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike to the Trans Studio Cibubur theme park in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The theatre-based dark ride and its immersion-inducing arena will see theme park attendees spend around 20 minutes fighting off not one, not two, but three Kaiju, specifically created for the ride, as part of the crew of a new experimental Mark VII Jaeger.

How they’ll do that is being kept under wraps, although pictures of early concept art for the ride include a queue that lets you not just glimpse the giant design of the Jaeger being built for Shatterdome Strike, but also… some dead Kaiju? Because really, nothing says theme parks like dead giant monsters you have to navigate through to actually ride.

Open wide? (Image: Legacy Entertainment)

Beyond showing off imagery of the two things you’d want in a Pacific Rim experience in the first place — giant robots, giant monsters — Legendary also promises a “surprise twist” at the ride’s halfway point to delight guests, describing it in vaguely grand terms as something that is “unprecedented in the history of theme parks”.

But then again, apparently every theme park is offering something they think is unprecedented in the history of theme parks in these post-Galaxy’s Edge days, so whatever it is, Legendary must have high hopes it can live up to that lofty claim.

Unless it involves the ride vehicle transforming into a hybrid of the world’s most extra elliptical trainer and one of those dome-pod arcade machines — to accurately portray the awesomely stupid-cool locomotion process of the Jaegers in the movies — then I’m probably not going to book a flight to Jakarta just yet.

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No release date for Shatterdome Strike has been revealed, but you can probably expect it to take a while before it officially opens at Trans Studio Cibubur.